My current body of work deals with domestic interior spaces and objects used on a daily basis. The subject matter is relatable and filled with a sense of passing time, providing universal associations for the viewer and myself. I am constantly looking for objects and spaces that have an element of nostalgia, have been used or lived with, and are aesthetically pleasing to my eye.


Without the physical presence of a figure, my paintings begin to question the environment: Who was there? Who lives there now? Who will be there in the future? In portraying a space juxtaposed with masculine and feminine objects, a human narrative is then suggested. Interior spaces allow me to utilize my interest in ornament, decoration, and pattern— all of which are scattered throughout the structure.


I am always interested and aware of the landscape of color within my paintings; flattened areas contrasted with highly rendered areas of space are important aspects of my work. I paint my images in the manner that I perceive them, whether they are abstracted or representational, and share these entities with the viewer. 

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